From Essingen into the world

The Scholz Group, which includes numerous subsidiary companies and firms under the umbrella of Scholz Holding GmbH, employs a total workforce of about 6,000 throughout the world. Scholz Holding GmbH is managed by Oliver Scholz, Neil Robson and Michael Thomas. The company’s headquarter is in Essingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

The Scholz Group has direct interest in 30 companies and holds indirect interest in numerous subsidiaries, which are placed in 400 sites within Europe. We provide full area coverage with collection centres and recycling sites in more than 20 countries throughout Europe. Our customers include large steel works, foundries and metallurgical plants.

Scholz Industrieservice GmbH has established itself as a reliable partner for innovative service concepts for industrial firms throughout Southern Germany.

In addition to sites in the U.S.A. and Mexico, Scholz is also operating on the recycling markets in Asia and the Pacific region. Our trading offices in Hong Kong, Peking and Shanghai have already been established in the sector for some years.

Our growing global commitment is a major contribution to the efficient and careful handling of resources and the protection of the environmental.

This is the basic principle which the Scholz Group stands for.